Mara is a fantastic career coach. Within our first two sessions, I received concrete guidance and feedback on how to direct my career.  She customized work to explore my options, such as role-playing, interviews, and journaling.  Her insightful advice and guidance opened up new perspectives for me.  She is incredibly knowledgeable about different work environments, leadership / executive skills and career paths.   Mara was a partner, and coach, which made our sessions interactive and gave many beneficial goals to work on.  I look forward to continue my partnership with her.

- Karen L.

Thank you so much for the initial coaching session on Saturday. I was amazed at the progress we could make in such a short time!

-Jan B.

Thank you for holding me accountable and seeing the best in me.

-Ruth C.

Mara is an amazing life and career coach! I have been stuck in a work routine and in negative thoughts about my job prospects for a long time, and these negative thoughts have invaded other parts of my life causing me to be completely burnt out. From the first coaching session, Mara enabled me to articulate my concerns, and to identify the problem areas that I needed to work on. She helped me outline a series of concrete steps that would allow me to make positive changes and take control over my situation. More importantly, she held me accountable for completing these steps on a weekly basis. I can honestly say that I have never felt as optimistic, motivated, and encouraged to take control over my situation as I have been since working with Mara. I highly recommend Mara to anyone seeking to make positive changes in their lives but are unable to take the initiative by themselves. Mara can encourage/help you take effective steps to achieve your goals by designing a custom plan that works best for you! She doesn’t downplay your fears and worries, but she makes you identify the obstacles and work on overcoming them slowly but surely. Mara is very smart and knowledgeable; she is also a great listener who has a lot of empathy and is very easy to talk to.

-Rana M.

I found out about Mara through her article “Resume Tips for Today’s Job Market” in the AWIS Spring 2012 publication. After more than a year of looking for employment, I was in need of an outside opinion of my resume and job-hunting efforts.  We talked well past the allotted time, during which she listened patiently to my concerns, and asked questions that helped me clarify my thoughts. She validated many of my views concerning the job market and my age, but encouraged me to volunteer as a way to gain managerial skills. I’ve also put more effort into trying to arrange informational interviews. Most importantly, she reminded me that I shouldn’t take a lack of response personally. I hope to use her career counseling services in the near future for interview preparation, and highly recommend her to others in the biotechnology/pharmaceutical job market.

- Deborah W.

I spent the last two years just so focused on putting one foot in front of another that I completely forgot where I was going. Thank you for reminding me that it is ok to look up and enjoy the sky for a moment, breath it all in and acknowledge that everything is ok. You were so right that I had let those little thoughts of failure creep in. Just taking the time to talk to you reminded me that it is ok to take some time for myself. To think about me and what I need. It felt good!!!! I have have decided to take just a little time off before going back to work and really just be me. Thanks Mara for everything. You are an incredible life coach.

- Sophia O.

I want to say THANK YOU for our conversation last Thursday.  You presented an open and safe forum in which I could share fully, honestly, and humbly.  Thank you for listening, providing input, and for “being in my corner”.  You have many gifts and loving qualities, and I felt privileged to be able to experience them with you.