My pricing is simple. I charge $150 per hour for individual coaching sessions.  Much can be accomplished in a single focused session. However, I recommend a monthly coaching package to make lasting change in your life and accelerate your progress, for the following reasons:

A big part of coaching takes place in between sessions in the form of homework assignments. The homework structure is designed so that you complete self-discovery exercises, assessments, and action items in between coaching sessions in order to maximize the time we spend in our sessions.

A defined number of sessions each month provides additional accountability. You will get better results more quickly with greater accountability.

Monthly Coaching Package Format & Structure
I offer monthly, 3 month, or 6 month packages of 3 weekly one hour sessions via phone or Skype for $350 per month (a $100 savings),  $950 for a 3 month package (a $400 savings), or $1800 for a 6 month package (a $900 savings).  Payment is in advance (monthly payment options are available) and you can cancel at any time with one month notice.

Each session includes:

  • All assessments and customized coaching activities assigned in between sessions (typically amounting to about 1-2 hours)
  • My time to review the assessments and homework activities in between sessions
  • Email follow-up in between sessions for additional support and effectiveness
  • The 3 month package also includes 1 free follow-up session within a year
  • The 6 month package also includes free annual follow-up sessions for 3 years

How Long Does It Take?
Most of my clients work with me for 3 – 6 months but it varies depending on your situation and goals. It is my goal that you find your true path and/or accomplish your career/business/life goals and don’t need my services anymore!

Additional Services
Resume Writing is $200-300 depending on complexity.

I offer reduced pricing for students, postdoctoral fellows, and the unemployed. Please ask!