Mara Jeffress, Ph.D.

I am passionate about helping others to find and claim their most fulfilling professional and personal lives.  I advocate for my clients on their behalf and speak truth when they need to hear it most.  As a consultant, I have assisted others with finding career direction and resume writing for the past 20 years and small business owners with building successful businesses for the past 7 years.    As a coach, I have been serving clients since 2011.  In addition, I teach professional development workshops on a wide range of topics, including: work-life-balance, networking skills, communication skills, salary negotiation, alternative careers for scientists, etc.  I also write a career column for the nationally syndicated AWIS (Association for Women in Science) magazine.

Prior to starting a coaching practice, I was a molecular scientist, studying breast cancer at the Berkeley National Laboratory and malaria at the University of Washington, where I received my doctoral degree.  I have also worked as a research scientist developing HIV diagnostics at Chiron Corporation. In addition to my coaching practice, I am a Consultant at Kantar Health, where I perform market research, manage the publication of multiple syndicated oncology reports and provide analysis and strategy advice to biotech and pharmaceutical companies globally.  My experience as a scientist brings an intelligent curiosity to my coaching that is grounded in practicality, while simultaneously holding your best self and wildest dreams as attainable.

I am a Coaches Training Institute trained coach with decades of informal but invaluable training in communication, listening, individual and group process, and organizational psychology.  My life and work have been influenced by eastern philosophy including mindfulness meditation, Aikido, yoga, and nature based psychology. I am an avid skier, hiker, climber, and diver and have a deep appreciation for the time I spend in nature and the clarity it brings and adventure it provides. I am grateful to coaching and my clients for challenging me to continually grow and learn. I am continuously inspired by their courage and dedication to personal transformation.