Giving Thanks

I love Thanksgiving for the simple fact that it reminds me to GIVE THANKS and to really feel deep gratitude for all that is right with my life. The practice of daily gratitude is a deep and fulfilling one that, if practiced over time, can subtly shift our perspective on life towards joy. Thanksgiving is a reminder to feel and claim that gratitude every day.

This Thanksgiving, I have a lot to be grateful for. After 8 surgeries since May, I am finally cancer free. I just celebrated my 10th wedding anniversary last month and my coaching practice is blossoming. Those are all big things going well in my life right now, but the little things are also important: the last tomatoes of the season that I harvested from my garden last night so ripe and juicy, the soft purr of my cat as she snuggles up against my leg, the flowers my husband bought me when I returned from the last surgery.

It is so important to stop and savor the good things in life, to reflect and remember that amidst all the struggle and the suffering there is a tremendous amount of joy, in so many forms: a smile, a kindness, a great smelling rose in your neighbor’s garden, loved ones in your life, simple pleasures and extravagant successes.

What are you grateful for today?

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