The Power of No

The single most important and powerful thing you can do for yourself, your life and your sanity is to learn to say “no”… say it loud and proud rather than with a guilty hesitation.  In my years as a career and life coach and professional development speaker this is the one thing I always come back to.  It is something that most of my clients, especially my female clients, struggle with and need to learn for themselves.  And it is not easy.  We are programmed from an early age not to say no and it takes effort to unlearn all that training.  I call it “exercising in the gym of No “.

Last week I came across this great blog by Mike Robbins, which addresses this subject rather nicely, so I thought I would share.


The Power of No — 4 Comments

  1. Mara, I just love the visual of exercising in the gym of no! boundaries are important and respecting your own is a great place to be in. Thanks for this timely reminder that it’s okay to say no.

  2. This is a great reminder. What I struggle with are the words that validate the other person while also honoring my own needs. Simply saying ‘no’ seems not enough, but I will work on this!

  3. I love this reminder to take care of myself. Sometimes that means saying “no” even if the thing is a good thing. For many years I allowed others to dictate my answers, but then I was the one who suffered. Now I’ve got my self aligned and can say “no” gracefully, understanding that I’m in charge of my own needs. It’s empowering and actually serves both parties well. :)

  4. I think a big issue with not being able to say no is caring too much about what others will think of you. So it really comes down to letting go of that. I used to have that problem, but not in a long time now.